Brandketing For Your Business


Brandketing Activism for small business and start ups with no budget but big dreams.


    Brandude will help your business to sets apart and gives value to your products and services.


    Assisting and designing new business creative approaches to solve online and offline problems.


    Smart Branding is the new Marketing.

  • planning / strategy

    Plans are nothing, planning is everything. Brandude will assist your on and offline strategies.

From Brandcelona to Brandcouver

BrandudeĀ“s pursuit of knowledge has taken him from his native Sivar to United States of America, Spain, Canada and everywhere in-between.
Currently in Vancouver BC, helping small business and entrepreneurial community.


  • The Dude

    I do a little bit of everything in any kind of media. I am down to earth and with a huge passion for help. My smile is my logo, my personality is my business card and how I leave others feelings after an experience with me, becomes my trademark.

  • My team

    From illustrators to programers around the world for supporting any sort of business helping them to grow.

  • Learning to learn

    Oregon State University - BFA Graphic Design 2005 / Istituto Europeo Di Design - Master in Strategic and Creative Communication and Advertising 2007 / BCIT Marketing and data analysis 2015

Be free, not cheap


Pena Pocasangre works in advertising, and defines himself as a Brandketing Activist by developing and promoting projects with social meaning for startups and small business. In his career as a Creative, he has worked in multinational and independent agencies in Barcelona, Miami and Oregon, as Creative for Broadway Across America, La Caixa, Moritz, BMW and Issey Miaky among others.

Promoter of the philosophy "Be free, not cheap" Pena Pocasangre currently combines his experience as a visual communicator and brand builder. Brandude, is his latest Creative Activism Project and is the only place where you can ask for free advice and design for your startup with zero charge. Never award-winning, but with hundreds of smiling friends, he recently move to Vancouver Canada. Please visit linkedin or portfolio for more info

Mini Portfolio demo reel

"Ten Years Gone" by Pena Pocasangre. Portfolio 2005 - 2015 Art Direction / Visual Communication. Music: "Bossa Per Due", by Nicola Conte

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Branding is what sets apart and gives value to products and services that address the same need within a marketplace. To successfully develop a brand we need to understand whats branding about. I have helped to understand that brand is not only a voice, but also a powerful experience.

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